Ethics and anti corruption

Employees of the Norva24-group are from time to time faced with challenging situations and it is important that such situations are dealt with in a responsible manner, and in accordance with Norva24’s overall values.

We act professionally in competitive situations

We participate in open and fair competition, and handle all our business relationships with integrity and professionalism. We allow no form of price fixing or abuse of our market position. We support a correct and comprehensive competition through professional follow-up of tenders, offers and purchases.

This implies that we avoid talking to competitors about price and terms and conditions, or other confidential information. We are careful when we refer to competitive products and services to customers and consider what good business ethics for the situation would be. We avoid criticizing competitors or influencing a negotiation situation.

We are going to offer fair and competitive terms for new businesses that would like to be a part of our business model and facilitate growth and development where we are represented.

In our efforts to drive the success of our business, we must only seek competitive advantage through lawful means. We must not act in a way that stifles the free market and we must not exchange information or enter into agreements or understandings with competitors, customers, suppliers or other third parties in a way that improperly influences research, development, marketing, sales, distribution or employee compensation practices or involves bid-rigging or boycotts. It is prohibited to have discussions or communica- tions with a competitor relating to pricing or any matter that affects pricing, including costs, credit terms, allocation of markets, geographies, customers or lines of business.

If we have a dominant position, competition laws may impose a special responsibility on the company not to abuse that position to keep out competitors or to exploit customers. We must only engage in dialogue with our competitors when there is a legitimate business reason to do so.

No to corruption and undue influence

The line between corruption and representation/customer care can be vague. There are many grey areas, but we are not going to “balance on the border”. Instead, we should be aware when red lights come on so we can avoid unfortunate situations.

A general rule is that we should not give or accept gifts from customers, suppliers or others due to the fact that gifts could easily be seen as an attempt to influence the outcome of a business relationship. An exception to the general rule is that smaller gifts of lesser value is accepted.

However, it is not only the value of the gift that matters, but in what situation it is given and the objective risk of undue influence that exists. Thus, an overall assessment of all the circumstances of the individual case must be made in order to determine whether a gift is acceptable or not.

It is, of course, also strictly forbidden to ask for gifts of any kind. Invitations to business lunches and other business events may be accepted as long as these are of reasonable value and on an occasional basis.

In relation to employees’ participation in networking events, this must be carefully evaluated in each case. Participation at such events must be of a professional character and take place transparently.

When deciding whether or not you should attend such an networking event, the focus should be on whether the event has a professional content or not. Participation should not affect any ability to act professionally. The costs of travel/ stay organised by a customer/vendor will be covered by Norva24 and may be in certain jurisdictions regarded as a tax advantage for the employee.

We always ask if we are in doubt