Innovative green services

Norva24 strives to make it easy for its customers to make green choices, by supporting them in making more environmentally friendly decisions. A central part is our ambition to continually develop new green services, which we define as services that are more environmentally sustainable than current alternatives on the market. We start by involving our customers in order to better understand their need for services. Then we invest in developing and testing new solutions, often in collaboration with students and the research community. We aspire to always keep up to date on the latest technology and how it can create environmental benefits.

Our objective is to increase the share of our green services to our clients every year.

Norva24 is a leader in creating and developing more ”green” services, such as mobile dewatering technology, and re-lining pipes instead of performing a full excavation. Norva24 is pilot testing its IoT surveillance solutions, as a proactive on-site monitoring solution together with 16 customers in three countries, a couple of suppliers and with Innovation Norway as a supporting partner. Norva24’s IoT surveillance solutions entail customer value as it prevents and  minimizes the need of disturbances for the society and/or the business, value for Norva24 as it makes the UIM service more predictable and proactive, and consequently more efficient. Furthermore, the IoT solution is a clear competitive advantage in the fragmented market due to Norva24’s economies of scale, as Norva24 can further leverage its superior density and inhouse digitalization resources. IoT sensors will also have important effects for the environment, for example, by creating a better surveillance system for UIM, hence reducing risk of prospective leakages.