UIM services essential for society

Ageing sewerage systems are a major problem for society

Poor current state of sewerage systems
Aging infrastructure Significant investment need Consistent service need Threat from severe weather

Average network ~40 years old and in some cases they are almost two times past their life expectancy

Only ~1% p.a. of the sewerage systems are renewed in Norway

~30% average leakage rate in Norway

Severe weather further exacerbates sewerage systems condition

UIM services essential for society

  • Increase the life of sewerage systems
  • Continuous maintenance prevents flooding and the spread of water-borne diseases
  • Integral part of the sewerage system value chain – essential for society every day of the year
  • Drainage and other services mission critical for institutions from utilities to hospitals
  • The UIM industry has its own UN sustainability target (#6 water and sewerage systems) and is crucial for implementation of UN target 11 and 13

Condition of the sewerage systems in Norway, Germany, Sweden and Denmark

Average age of sewers Share of sewers to be renewed Overall condition of the sewerage system Planned investments in the sewerage system
NOK ~3.0bn TAM
~32 years ~1.0 per cent p.a. from 2017 to 2040 Overall bad condition with~30% leakage NOK ~4.8bn p.a. from 2021 to 2040
NOK ~24.6bn TAM
~40 years on average. ~30% older than 50 years 0.8-1.2 per cent Overall bad condition with ~19%of sewers with medium to strong damages Actual investments are significantly lower than the needed investment estimated EUR 13.5bn p.a.
NOK ~3.0bn TAM
~40-50 years ~0.5 per cent p.a. from 2002 to 2017 Overall bad condition with ~15% leakage NOK ~4.0bn p.a. from 2017 to 2047
NOK ~4.0bn TAM
~35 years n.a Overall good condition with ~6% leakage NOK ~11.0bn p.a. since 2012