This is NORVA24

Norva24 is the market leader within the fragmented Northern European Underground Infrastructure Maintenance (UIM) services market.

We aim to become the leading European operator and be a true inspiration to others in the UIM industry. We are well underway with this strategy and have taken a number of steps on this path during 2022.

We continue to operate through a route-based and decentralised branch model which has been key to our success. Norva24 has long-standing relationships with local SMEs and regional customers and is one of the few operators able to serve national and international customers.

Attractive financial profile 2023

NOK 3.2bn


NOK 348m




Comprehensive, mission critical and non-discretionary service offering

Emptying services

Sewerage maintenance

~45% of revenue

  • Emptying and inspection of fat / oil separators, underground tanks and sand traps
  • Sludge drainage

Pipe services

Sewerage maintenance

~45% of revenue

  • Pressure testing of pipes and pipe inspection
  • Pipe relining and point repair
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe cleaning of clogged water and waste pipes

Pressure washing

Tank cleaning

~10% of revenue

  • High and ultra-high pressure washing

A normal job typically encompasses more than one service, leveraging similar capabilities and equipment 

Local-and EU-level regulation requires mostservicesbe conducted at regular intervals during the year