The Group is actively and continuously working towards creating an attractive workplace that is able to recruit and retain skilled employees at all levels. Attracting and retaining skilled employees is key to the Norva24 operating model because the decentralized business model requires competent specialists capable of making well-informed decisions on a daily basis.

This is reflected in the Group’s human resources strategy, which is aimed at ensuring that the Group can attract, retain and incentivize the personnel required to best serve the business. Approximately 10 percent of employees have an ownership interest in Norva24, which encourages and motivates employees in their jobs and careers. The Group’s human resource functions are performed locally at the platform or branch-level, which contribute towards a better understanding for local market conditions. Norva24 also has a code of conduct in place for its employees, which provides a framework for work ethics and competitive issues within the business.

If you are interested in an carrier in Norva24 or want to see vacant positions please visit country pages referred to here: