Purchasing and suppliers

We make demands on our suppliers

Our work with ethics and social responsibility summarises our requirements for our employees. We also expect that our suppliers and business partners respect and to all means possible follow this Code of Conduct.

This implies that the ethical guidelines are added in connection with the risk assessment and selection of our suppliers, and that we communicate an expectation that our suppliers comply with these as well as laws, rules and regulatory requirements in connection with quotation and contract negotiations.

Transparency in our ownership and partnerships

To maintain our good reputation and trust between the partners in the Norva24 group, there should be transparency around the content and scope of transactions between related parties. The purpose is to ensure that this happens to the market conditions. We refer to relevant laws, rules and regulations in particular, which sets requirements for agreements and transactions between shareholders and members of the company’s management.

Relationships and transactions between related parties is today part of the ordinary operations of our corporate groups and is regulated in internal agreements. The Board of Directors and the CEO shall at all times have access to and an overview of these agreements. New agreements and changes in existing agreements should be approved by the CEO, except for those cases where relevant laws, rules and regulations requires it to be approved by other corporate body.