Clarification regarding the description of the Nomination Committee’s proposal on election of Board members in the Swedish version of the notice to Norva24’s Annual General Meeting 2022

The notice to Norva24’s Annual General Meeting on 31 May 2022 was published in a press release on 26 April 2022.

Under item 13 of the agenda in the Swedish-language version of the notice, Board member Ulrika Östlund’s name had wrongly been omitted. The English-language version of the notice is correct. The Nomination Committee’s proposal under item 13 of the agenda is, thus, re-election of Vidar Meum (member and Chairman since 2017), Arild Bødal (member since 2015), Monica Reib (member since 2021), Terje Bøvelstad (member since 2015), Allan Engström (member since 2015), Ulrika Östlund (member since 2021), Linus Lundmark (member since 2015), Mats Lönnqvist (member since 2015) and Einar Nornes (member since 2017). The misspelling has also been corrected in the Swedish-language version of the Nomination Committee proposal and explanatory statement.

Norva24’s Annual General Meeting will be held on 31 May 2022. Due to the coronavirus, the Board of Directors has decided that the Annual General Meeting should be conducted without the physical presence of shareholders, representatives or third parties and that the shareholders before the meeting should be able to exercise their voting rights only by post. The Nomination Committee’s proposal is available on Norva24’s website and at the company in accordance with what is stated in the notice. Postal votes that have already been submitted are still valid. It is also possible to submit a new postal vote, in which case the latter postal vote will apply instead of the previously submitted postal vote.