Business concept, strategy

“Our long-term vision is to build a European market leader and lighthouse in Underground Infrastructure Maintenance (UIM). Norva24’s vision is to become the leading European operator in our industry and an inspiration to the UIM industry development in Europe”

Norva24’s strategies

  1. Drive revenue among top 50 customers
  2. Expand local service offerings
  3. Improve flexibility and fleet utilisation
  4. Improve digital integration and capabilities
  5. Geographic expansion with rich M&A pipeline in a total market of NOK 140 billion

Values and Guiding Principles

Let these values be guiding for our business:


  • We deliver what’s been agreed
  • We are competent and deliver high professional quality and precision
  • We see and understand the customers needs
  • We show decisiveness by getting things done, and seek help from others when needed to get the job done


  • We have passion for our job and will always help
  • We are focused at finding solutions and have a positive appearance when meeting customers and colleagues
  • We are uncomplicated and informal
  • We meet customers and colleagues with a smile